Our Property Maintenance Electricians Support Rental Providers, Real Estate Agents, and Property Managers

Electrical safety is at the top of everyone’s priority list.

And as a rental provider, real estate agent, or property manager, the responsibility of electrical safety in rental properties falls on you.

Working with real estate agencies across Melbourne’s South East, Prokop Electrical understands that our business is a reflection of yours.

The trades you engage to support and assist your tenants is a direct representation of your own business, which is why we make it our mission to deliver friendly, courteous, and high quality electrical services to every single job we attend.

New changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 came into effect in March 2021. Part of these changes outlines that safety checks of all electrical appliances, fittings, and installations are undertaken every 2 years by a licenced and qualified electrician.

Property Maintenance Electricians

Such home electrical maintenance is essential in protecting your home from:

  • Electrical fires
  • Blown fuses
  • Power failures and surges
  • Damaged appliances
  • Exorbitant electricity bills

If you’re a real estate agent or property manager searching for a reliable partner to keep your tenants and properties safe, contact Prokop Electrical today.

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Property Maintenance Electricians

Your Certificate of Compliance will include:

  • Date of electrical inspection
  • Qualified electrician’s name and license number
  • Details around any electrical repairs required, recommended, or performed

Find out more about the Electrical Certificate of Compliance.

What is a Certificate of Compliance?

Following an electrical safety check, your electrician must provide you with an Electrical Safety and Compliance report

This report includes your Certificate of Compliance, a formal document that informs the customer (in this case, usually the tenant as well as the rental provider and real estate agent) that electrical work undertaken meets state safety standards.

This ensures electrical work remains regulated across the industry.

For real estate agents in particular, it ensures they can keep a record of electrical work and inspection performed at the properties they manage.

Electrical Testing and Compliance

Electrical safety checks are a must in order to check the efficiency and safety of your installations, fittings, and fixtures

So what happens during an electrical inspection?

Beyond visual inspection to identify things like fraying wires, burnt power sockets, or outdated switchboard, Prokop also tests and inspects fittings.

Our findings will uncover:

  • The risk of electric shock or electrical fire
  • Overloaded circuits that are under pressure
  • Any defective electrical fixtures, circuits, or wiring
Switchboard wiring
  • Outdated or faulty electrical fittings that need to be replaced
  • Any other electrical problems that pose a potential risk or danger

We can also test your switchboard and smoke alarms, and inspect your electrical appliances.

Why Choose Prokop Electrical’s Maintenance Services?

Our fully licenced and qualified electricians help keep your rental properties safe

Whether you’re a rental provider with a growing portfolio or a property manager looking to partner with a trusted local electrician, rely on Prokop to service every element of your home’s electrical system.

From downlights and switchboards through the general electrical maintenance and mandatory electrical inspections, Prokop’s team of local professionals is ready to assist.

  • Licensed Melbourne electricians
  • Reliable, honest and on-time
  • Experience working with landlords and property managers
  • Professional, clean, and courteous team
  • We provide complete certificate of compliance

Don’t just take our word for it: we’ve got more than 60 5-star reviews from happy customers on Google who trust the Prokop name for our communication skills, quality workmanship, and peace of mind.