Prokop Electrical is Committed to Responding Promptly to Any of Your Domestic Electrical Enquiries

Our residential electrician provide:

  • Fast, responsive service
  • Electrical repairs and maintenance jobs of any size
  • Regular maintenance, modification, and new installation
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Clean and Tidy Service

Our promise to you is:

  • Peace of mind for the safety of you, your family, home and business.
  • Reduced stress with any emergency electrical work you need
  • Respecting your time by being on time
  • Complete all electrical work with the utmost skill
Prokop Electrical Residential electrician

  • Treat every home as if it our own
  • Quality and reliability
  • Superior Customer Service

Prokop Electrical is here to help, no matter what size job you have. We operate throughout Melbourne’s South East and surrounding suburbs. Give us a call on 0437 766 770 or click here to lodge a job online.

Prokop Electrical Home Entertainment

Heating and cooling installation

Keep your cool during summer with our heating and cooling services. From outdoor fans to split systems, we’ll keep you comfortable all year round.


Enjoy the cinema experience at home with an impressive entertainment system! We’ll help design and install all your AV equipment including surround sound, and can also set up home automation systems.

Our full list of residential services include:

  • Ceiling fan, extractor fan and smoke detector installations
  • Lighting installation, repairs, and maintenance
  • Power outlet installation
  • Multi-room audio, hi-fi, and home theatre set-ups
  • TV antenna, the addition of Foxtel points and TV points
  • Installation of smart home automation system (keyless entry doors etc.)
  • Communication, network, data and telephone installations
  • Outdoor lighting (security lighting, garden path lighting)
  • Garden lighting installation and maintenance

Our Residential Electrical Services

If you have any difficulties Prokop Electrical can inspect all areas of your home’s electrical system, including but not limited to:

Electrical maintenance

From additional power sockets to faulty wiring or flickering lights, trust Prokop Electrical for all your general electrical maintenance needs.

LED Downlight installation

Let there be light: longer-lasting downlights, better energy efficiency, and greater light output. No wonder LED lighting is the way forward! LED downlights offer greater lighting output and also save you money long term on your electricity bill.

CCTV installation

CCTV installation, maintenance, and repairs to keep your home and business protected, whilst also offering alarm system and security lighting.

Electrical wiring

Whether you live in an older home with damaged wiring or need any other electrical wiring services such as design, repair, or installation, our qualified team can help.

Switchboard wiring

Worried about your switchboard wiring? Old switchboards simply cannot keep up with today’s energy-demanding households. Porcelain Fuses? Tripping circuit breakers? Flickering lights? Sounds like you need your switchboard inspected!

What Should You Look For When Choosing an Electrician for Residential Electrical Work?

There are a few simple things you should look out for before making a call:

1. Reviews

It’s easy to see if your electrician is reliable – just look for the reviews on Google! (By the way, we’ve got more than 60 5-star reviews – check them out here!)

2. Relevant qualifications and licenses

All electrical contractors in Victoria must hold an Electrical License.

You can rest assured that our electricians are qualified and experienced to handle all types of electrical work, including complex wiring. Don’t hesitate to ask to see your residential electrician’s license.

3. Knowledgeable

Choose a specialist residential electrician who has the experience and knowledge to help you. The best electricians are experts in their trade.

You can trust them to complete any job with transparency and honesty, from simple household tasks to emergency situations.

Prokop Electrical Outdoor Cooling

4. Reliable

The best electricians show up on time and leave no time for you to wait. They should be on time, ready to work and be efficient.

5. Transparent pricing

Ideally, your electrician will inform you upfront about the cost of any work. Invoices and quotes should be clear with no hidden fees. You should feel confident that any unexpected expenses will be disclosed to you, and that you get what you pay for.

6. Respectful

The best electricians will treat your home like their own. It means minimising mess and disruption and cleaning up after the job is done.

Prokop Electrical Home Entertainment

There are a few common signs to look out for that may indicate a faulty switchboard, including:

  • Flickering lights
  • Porcelain Fuses
  • Constantly tripping safety switch
  • A burning smell or visible signs of damage

Flickering lights

Flickering lights are often a sign of fluctuating electrical currents running throughout your home. Many people will consider a flickering light as nothing more than an annoyance.

However the truth is that this often abrupt change to voltage can cause significant damage in your home, including burnt out bulbs, damaged appliances, or even electrical fire.

Bulbs that burn out too quickly

There are many reasons why you’re noticing your light bulbs burning out faster than normal. From loose connections, short circuits or even old frayed cable, these burning light bulbs are sending you a sign!

Make sure you ask your local residential electricians to investigate the cause and provide the right resolution. Best of all, you’ll save energy and money with a more efficient lighting

Common Electrical Problems In The Home

Tripping safety switches

A safety switch (RCD) protects against electrical shock, and most importantly, protects people and saves lives. Safety switches should be installed in all homes to ensure your family is safe from any injury and prevent electrocution.

All new builds should be fitted with a safety switch, however many older homes throughout Victoria do not have one.

All homes in Victoria should have safety switches installed.

We cannot stress the importance of these life-saving devices in your home. They don’t just protect appliances; they protect people from injury and death from electrocution.

Old or faulty electrical switchboards

The brain of the home’s electrical circuit is the switchboard. It’s the place where all electrical ‘nerves’ of your home connect and meet. Sometimes, old switchboards need to be replaced because they cannot handle the growing demand for multiple, energy-hungry appliances and devices of our modern lifestyle.

Under immense strain, older switchboards simply can’t keep up.

Do You Live in an Old Home With Electrical Issues?

Older homes are more likely to have old fuse boxes and may not be equipped with electrocution devices such as safety switches (RCDs).

  1. An upgrade to your switchboard has three major benefits:
  2. Helps reduce your electricity bills Increases safety and peace-of-mind in your home
  3. Ensures your home can keep up with today’s energy-hungry demands

We believe that proactive action is key to ensuring your electrical systems remain up-to-date and in compliance with current industry standards.

Find The Best Residential Electricians Near You

Did you know that electricians working in your home need to be licensed?

Not only is it illegal in Australia to do electrical work without being a licensed electrician, but it can also be extremely dangerous to trust anyone without full certification.

You and your family’s safety are paramount.

Prokop Electrical is available to fix electrical problems at your home and assist you with any emergency situations.

Based in Bentleigh East, Prokop Electrical’s emergency services provide an experienced, fast, and professional electrical response unit for Melbourne’s southeast and surrounding suburbs.

Call today for a free consultation. Our domestic electricians are always available to assist! No job is too big or too small for our qualified team.