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Our professional team of licensed and qualified electricians will help you see the light when it comes to the benefits of LED, including.

  • An average lifespan of an astonishing 25 years
  • LED globes do not contain any toxins and are environmentally friendly
  • Choose from warm, cool white or daylight lighting to match any room in the home
  • At the end of its lifespan, an LED globe will continue to emit up to 70% of its original brightness, instead of dying out completely
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LED Downlight Installation

LED Downlight Installation

To get the safest and most efficient LED lighting in your home, consult with an expert electrician to help design and install your new fixtures

Propkop Electrical can advise you on the best downlight placement, spacing, and wattage to ensure you can create an ambient and effective lighting system in your home.

We can also help you understand the difference between daylight, cool white and warm white light.

Ditch your old halogen lighting and discover the benefits of LED downlights.

Top reasons to upgrade to downlights

We’re proud of our LED lighting knowledge and expertise, and love sharing the advantages of this type of lighting in your home.

These are our top four reasons you should consider making the switch from incandescent or halogen light globes to LED.

1. LED downlights are safer

Importantly, LED globes operate at half the temperature as filament bulbs or halogen globes, the latter of which can become super hot and burst, causing injury, and can even ignite a fire.

Not only are they safer for your home, but LED lights are also safer for the environment, as they do not contain hazardous or harmful chemicals.

2. LED Downlights save energy

Did you know that downlights operate at up to 90% less energy than incandescent lighting? A lower voltage without compromising the effectiveness of lights in your home: get the best of both worlds with LED and enjoy reduced energy consumption on your yearly bills.

3. LED Downlights save dollars

Along with reduced energy consumption comes lower energy costs.

One of the most attractive benefits of ceiling downlights is that they help save you money.

Additionally, LED bulbs last up to 10 times longer than halogen, making it a far superior lighting choice for your home.

Some consumer reports also suggest that LED lighting may increase the value of your home by up to 3%!

4. LED Downlights are flexible and can be installed as part of smart homes

From dimmable downlights to lights controlled by voice-activated technology like Alexa or Google Assistant: your home just became a whole lot smarter with LED.

5. Incandescent and halogen downlights are being phased out

That’s right – Energy Rating Australia slowly phased out “any non-directional light bulbs that have an efficiency level of less than 15 lumens per watt”.

Since 2009, tungsten, extra low voltage, and mains voltage halogen lamps (among others) have been phased out.

Similarly, halogen downlights are set to be phased out by late 2021.

Important Considerations When Installing LED Downlights

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to replacing your old, outdated globes with energy-efficient LEDs

Do you want recessed LED downlights or prefer them to sit flush?

Choosing between recessed and surface-mounted downlights is a design consideration you will need to make. While recessed downlights are housed within the ceiling, surface mounted sit flush with your ceiling. Both are sleek and unobtrusive; it usually comes down to personal preference.

What about downlight placement?

In most cases, downlight placement comes down to the unique specifications of each room in your home.

However the general rule of thumb is to make sure they are not positioned too close to walls as this will create unnecessary shadows.

An experienced residential electrician will be able to tailor a design to meet your needs.

LED Downlight Replacement

Do you want your downlights to be dimmable?

Dimmable lights allow you to enjoy a greater range of ambiance in living spaces like your family room or bedrooms. Turn the dial down for softer, gentler lighting, or turn it all the way up when entertaining with friends.

Other questions you should keep in mind (or ask your trusted electrician!) include:

  • What brightness (lumens) of downlights do you require?
  • What is the beam angle?
  • What is the colour temperature?

LED Downlight Replacement

Along with any other electrical need in your home, it’s imperative that when it comes to replacing downlights, you choose a qualified electrician to perform the task for you

It might seem simple, but you mustn’t let yourself be tempted by the idea of performing ceiling downlight replacement in your home.

No matter what kind of task you think you can tackle, the simple fact is that electricity is dangerous.

Regardless of whether you want to change a downlight bulb or repair a switchboard, you must only ever engage a licensed electrician for these intricate tasks.

Prokop Electrical can assist with all your downlight needs, including:

  • Replacing old downlights
  • Removing downlights
  • New wiring for downlights

From the kitchen to bedrooms, and through to the living room, downlights are a versatile, cost-efficient, and effective solution that will transform your home.

We look forward to assisting you.