If you are looking to install, repair, upgrade or maintain an alarm system in your home or in a commercial space our team of dedicated electrical security technicians can help.

Whether you are looking for peace of mind when you are not at the property, looking to increase your property value or lower your insurance premium there are many options available. Alarms can be installed as part of larger security set up or independently to deter would-be thieves, protect your assets and notify you when someone enters your property without your consent.

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If you are considering an audible deterrent that instantly alerts you to unexpected trespass or want help with installation or recommendations on the best solution for your property then Prokop can help.

We will assess your specific needs and preferences to provide you with a recommendation for a suitable alarm solution tailored to your budget.

Prokop alarm services include:

  • Alarm Installation
  • Door sensors
  • Window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Smart wiring integration
  • Systems education and training for clients
  • Monitoring
  • Consultation
  • Maintenance
  • Remote access setup (view on phone)

Top 3 reasons to install alarms

1. Safety and peace of mind whether you are in or away from the property you know you have a deterrent in place for would-be intruders

2. Lower your insurance premiums

3. Increase the value of your property

If you would like to discuss Prokop Alarm services contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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