Do you know which kitchen appliances require a qualified electrician for installation?

Whether you are looking to upgrade broken appliances or keen to install the latest technology, or both, then you need to be confident which new kitchen appliances in your Melbourne property would require a qualified electrician for installation.

If you are looking to install or fix an electric oven, range hood, fridge, freezer, air conditioning unit, television, washing machine or dishwasher then you should seek the assistance of an A grade qualified electrician. Prokop Electrical are experts in kitchen appliance installation and can even help you with the brand options available if an appliance needs to be upgraded, replaced or modified to fit into your Melbourne property. Speak to one of our team members about your kitchen appliance installation needs today.

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Faulty kitchen appliances in the home can be dangerous

Over time appliances can become faulty and no longer work the way they are intended to. Faulty appliances can cause electrical fires. An easy way to tell if your safety switch is being tripped by an appliance is after your safety switch has been tripped unplug all of your appliances and turn the safety switch back on. Then one by one plug your appliances in and turn them on, when you get to the problem appliance the power will trip.

Issues can be as simple as a faulty cable but if you have the following issues with your kitchen appliances they might need to be serviced by a qualified electrician or replaced:

  • Electric Oven – it takes ages to heat up, food is not evenly cooked, it takes longer than it should do to cook
  • Range hood – the light no longer comes on, the fan no longer runs
  • Fridge – it isn’t keeping food cool, thermostat adjustment makes no difference to the temperature
  • Freezer – it isn’t keeping food frozen, leaking water, ice/frost build up
  • Dishwasher – your dishes are never all cleaned

Are you confident all your kitchen appliances are working correctly? If you are unsure contact Prokop Electrical today and one of our team can talk through your concerns.

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