You have more lighting options that you realise

Upgrading the lighting in your home doesn’t have to stop at making your lighting system energy efficient or just changing the style of your lights. Dimmer switches provide you with control of the brightness of your lights.

Dimmable lights allow you to enjoy a greater range of ambiance in living spaces like your family room or bedrooms. Turn the dial down for softer, gentler lighting, or turn it all the way up when entertaining with friends.

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Other questions you should keep in mind (or ask your trusted electrician!) include:

  • What brightness (lumens) of downlights do you require?
  • What is the beam angle?
  • What is the colour temperature?

If you are considering dimmer installations at your property contact Prokop Electrical today and a lighting expert can talk you through your options.

Our lighting experts can:

  • Assess your current lighting and electrical system
  • Recommend suitable dimmer switches for your lighting system and fixtures
  • Wire and connect dimmer switches to the lighting circuit
  • Ensure proper functionality

Whether you know the dimmer you want to install or you need help making a decision, Prokop can help.

We will assess your specific needs and preferences to provide you with a recommendation for a suitable dimmer solution, contact a member of our team today.

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