Need a switchboard upgrade in Melbourne to restore safety and functionality to your home?

Looking for a reliable and affordable switchboard upgrade in Melbourne? Your switchboard is one of the most important elements of your home, designed to safely distribute power.

Whether it’s turning on the TV, powering up a gaming console or turning on a load of washing, each of these actions is made possible thanks to your switchboard. Its role is to deliver a safe and efficient supply of power to each room of your house, on demand.

So what happens when your switchboard fails? If your switchboard is old, faulty or causing unexpected problems for your home’s entire electrical system, get in touch with Prokop Electrical for a switchboard upgrade in Melbourne.

When you experience a problem with an electrical device or appliance in your home, it’s standard to check your switchboard to see if anything is wrong.

In such cases, you might discover that your switchboard has “tripped”. This usually points to one of two possible outcomes:

  1. A faulty electrical appliance
  2. An overloaded circuit

In the first case, the appliance itself is usually at fault. This is where the safety switch comes into play, as it cuts electricity to an appliance when it detects a problem.

This is a feature designed to protect your family and home from the risk of electric shock or an electrical fire. This is a normal response and it means you might have to spend a bit of time testing appliances to figure out which one is causing a trip.

In the case of an overloaded circuit, however, the problem usually extends far beyond a single appliance. There are many reasons that you might need a switchboard upgrade in Melbourne and most have to do with:

  • The age of your switchboard
  • Old and worn electrical wiring
  • A damaged switchboard

No matter the issue you are facing or the concerns you have about your switchboard, Prokop can help. Book a Prokop Electrical Switchboard inspection or maintenance appointment today.

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