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Preparing your AC split systems for Melbournes next summer

Preparing your AC split systems for Melbournes next summer

August 12, 2022

“There is nothing worse than enduring Melbourne’s summer heatwave only to discover that your AC split system isn’t working as it should. Heatwaves are generally also a time when everyone is having the same issues, and it becomes hard to find a local electrician who is available to do the work.” – Ricky Kosmopoulos – Managing Director, Prokop Electrical Services Melbourne.

Having a professional local electrician Cheltenham clean your AC split system will allow for the unit to run more efficiently and will reduce your power bill. It also puts less strain on the unit as the air can flow more freely, which means your system will last longer. A licensed electrician electrician Cheltenham will check and clean both the external and internal parts such as filters, louvers, coils, fins and drainage.
Engaging a qualified electrician is very important when it comes to checking over the internals of any air conditioning unit for safety and peace of mind.

Signs your AC split system requires electrical maintenance and general maintenance.

AC Split system is not cooling properly.
If your split system air conditioner is either not cooling properly or has limited airflow then your unit will need servicing or repair by a qualified electrician. They will be able to assess whether there is an obstruction due to a build-up of dirt and dust or whether there is an electrical component that needs repair or replacement.

Air Conditioner emitting strange sounds and smells.
If your air conditioner is making unusual sounds, including metal grinding or high pitch whirring, it is a sign that something is worn or damaged and the unit should be switched off immediately to prevent further damage. Other things to look out for include burning or musty smells, which can indicate mold or burnt wire insulation. If the above signs have been identified, call a licensed electrical services Cheltenham electrician to help identify the problem, which could be an electrical fault with the electrical wiring in the split system.

Leaking air conditioner
If your air conditioning unit is leaking refrigerant or water then it is important to take action and call your local electrician immediately, as this can be dangerous and cause serious problems.

Air Conditioner running hot
If your AC split system appears to be giving off heat, this could mean dirty or damaged internal components. It is important to engage a qualified electrician to assess and repair the split system unit.

Be prepared for the Melbournes summer months
Get your split system air conditioner servicing and maintenance carried out by a local electrician. Prokop Electrical services the South East suburbs, Bayside areas of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We are a proud family-run local electrical business based in Bentleigh East, specialising in cleaning split systems and new split system installations across Melbourne. Get in touch today to ensure that your family is safe and your home stays cool in the summer months.

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