electrical switchboard safety

Your switchboard is designed to safely distribute power throughout your home.

  • Switched on your television in the living room?
  • Kids powering up their gaming console in the rumpus room?
  • Turned on a load of washing in the laundry?

Each of these actions is made possible thanks to your switchboard delivering a safe and efficient supply of power to each room of your house, on demand.

So what happens when your switchboard fails? If your switchboard is old, faulty, or causing unexpected problems for your home’s entire electrical system, get in touch with Prokop Electrical for switchboard repairs in Melbourne.

The electrical switchboard in your domestic property is the centralised hub of your home’s electrical system

And when you experience a problem with an electrical device or appliance in your home, it’s normal to check your switchboard to see if it is telling you anything.

In such cases, you might discover that your switchboard has “tripped”. This usually points the finger to one of two possible outcomes:

  1. A faulty electrical appliance
  2. An overloaded circuit

In the first case, the appliance itself is usually at fault; the purpose of your safety switch, after all, is to cut electricity to an appliance when it detects a problem with said appliance.

This is a safety feature designed to protect your family and home from the risk of electric shock or electrical fire. This is a normal response, and it now means you might have to spend a bit of time testing appliances to figure out which one is causing a trip.

In the case of an overloaded circuit however, the problem usually extends far beyond a single appliance. There are a number of reasons that your switchboard is failing you, and most are to do with:

  • The age of your switchboard
  • Old and worn electrical wirings
  • A damaged switchboard

Prokop’s Switchboard services

Switchboard Installation

Damaged, worn-out and out of date switchboards can put your home at risk of fire and other safety risks.

If your switchboard is old, you may need switchboard replacement. We can install a new and modern electrical switchboard that is not only efficient but can keep your home safe from circuit breaker tripping, electrical faults and electrocution.

A new switchboard will prevent flickering lights, blown fuse and frequent power tripping from happening even if you use multiple appliances.

Talk to our licensed Prokop electricians about domestic switchboard installation and how a modern electrical switchboard can benefit your home, protect your appliances, and safeguard your family.

Electrical Switchboard upgrade

There are a couple of tell-tale signs to look out for that indicate that your switchboard may need to be upgraded, such as:

  • Your fuse blows when you use appliances
  • Your lights are flickering for no apparent reason
  • You’re noticing multiple devices are short-circuiting

The signs above all pertain to electrical use, but there’s one more important sign you need to look for, and it can be found on the device itself: ceramic fuses.

Ceramic fuses are a clear indication that your switchboard is old and most likely in need of replacement. These fuses use older technology and as such do not provide adequate protection that our modern, energy-hungry homes need. Importantly, ceramic fuses do not protect against electric shock.

Electrical Switchboard wiring

The right wiring plays a critical role in ensuring your switchboard can safely handle and distribute electricity throughout your home.

Messy wires, damaged wire coating, black cables, cotton cables and deteriorating cables are all visual signs that your switchboard’s wiring is not up to par. If your switchboard is old, it’s probably more economical and safer to upgrade it entirely, but

Additionally, if you’ve just bought an older house, you should call a local electrician as soon as possible to check out your system.Many older homes we’re simply not built with our modern electrical requirements in mind.

Additional Electric Switchboard Solutions

Prokop electrical services are always available to upgrade your switchboard. Our team can install RCD safety devices to protect your family, business, and yourself.

No matter the issue you’re facing or the concerns you have about your switchboard, Prokop can help.

Gain complete peace of mind that your switchboard (and entire electrical system) is performing at its best, is safe, efficient, and can handle your home’s electrical demands.

Our team of qualified electricians services Melbourne’s southeast and Bayside suburbs, delivering electric switchboard solutions that keep you safe.

Our wiring and electrical services comply with electrical switchboard Australian standards.

Our switchboard services prioritises electrical home safety and reduces any risks of fire, and electrocution, while our long-term solutions means you need fewer repairs.

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Whether you need a switchboard replacement or an electrical switchboard upgrade, you need a certified electrician who knows the Australian switchboard standards and will ensure they are met in order to keep your home safe.

You should also ensure that your switchboard is checked yearly by a licensed electrician.

Regular switchboard inspections help safeguard your system and enable us to spot smaller or potential problems-in-the-making before they escalate into major electrical disasters!

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