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Where is the best place to install my CCTV cameras?

Where is the best place to install my CCTV cameras?

August 12, 2022

As trespassers get more creative with the tactics they use to enter premises unlawfully, we need to reconsider the safety system we currently use in our houses.

A lock on doors and windows doesn’t always cut it anymore. The safest option for your family is CCTV installation in Melbourne.

Not only does this system record every move of unwanted guests, but often, trespassers will be deterred by the notion of cameras alone, moving on from your home in order to reduce their chances of being caught in the act.

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Technician installing CCTV camera on wall outdoors, closeup

Where should I put cameras in my house?

The general rule of thumb is to mount each camera in the corner furthest from the door – this gives the best opportunity to capture as wide a view as possible.

You should also install the camera in the very top corner in order to reduce the amount of blind spots above the camera.

Before installing your CCTV system, you might like to climb a ladder and position yourself as close as possible to the location where the cameras will be installed.

This will help you see for yourself what exactly the cameras will capture.

If you already have a CCTV home security system, we’ll help you optimise your settings and camera positions in order to gain the best and most effective viewing.

How do I organise my security cameras?

Like all types of cameras, CCTV cameras have various lens types and iris adjustments that give you various views from the monitor.

You need to ensure that you can’t just see when someone has broken into your home, but have a detailed view of what they look like so you can distinguish them from a crowd.

You might be worried about things like light and glare – if I aim a camera towards a window, will bright glare during the day wash out the view? In some cases, yes, but take note that most modern cameras have advanced settings to auto-adjust this.

Speak to our residential electricians about the different types of security cameras we offer and how they can automatically adjust their settings to different environments, no matter the layout or unique features of your home.


There are various lens sizes that security cameras have which will give you different types of coverage of the room. The larger the lens, the more you’ll be able to see.

A lens between 2.8mm – 3.6mm provides the most optimal viewing capacity as it is wide while also providing good image clarity.

There are unique “180-degree” cameras on the market, but these aren’t ideal for CCTV because of distortion.

A 2.8mm lens should be used for small spaces such as a patio or any location where you don’t require great detail at a distance.

Where do you mount outdoor security cameras?

Outside areas can be more challenging to cover because of the inconsistent lighting and the flat surfaces of walls with no perpendicular walls that meet them compared to the typical square or rectangular rooms inside.

Our electricians in Carrum Downs can install security cameras both inside and outside your home.

We use several methods to cover your yard, including:

The back-to-back method

This is where two cameras sit back-to-back to each have a split section of the yard to capture.

The secret service pattern

Secret service patterns are almost the opposite of back-to-back cameras because in this method the cameras are each mounted towards either end of a wall and both face inwards.

These also cover one yard space but may leave room for people to come behind the camera without being seen.

Corner to corner

This is similar to a secret service pattern but describes the camera configuration for the entire front and back yard.

With this method, a camera sits in each outer corner of your home and faces a side of the building that another camera isn’t already capturing.

Inside corners

For yards with perpendicular walls, such as where your fence meets a side of the house, you can do the same as you would inside.

Our security camera installation Melbourne experts recommend installing cameras in these corners to help eliminate blind spots.

electricians in Carrum Downs
IP CCTV camera install by have water proof cover to protect camera with home security system concept.

How do I keep my home safe?

Prokop are electricians in Melbourne’s South East who can make your home extra safe with a range of security solutions. We believe there are three key components of the security puzzle, each effective on their own, but together, a truly powerful way to protect your home!

1. CCTV camera installation

Are you wanting a CCTV system for your home or business?

Your CCTV solution can provide 24/7 monitoring, so you’re always aware of any activity happening in and around your home.

We can safely mount the cameras and help you understand how recording and monitoring works, so you can always keep an eye on your home, no matter where you are!

2. Intercom system installation

Intercom systems notify you whenever someone arrives at your front or back door – even when you’re not home. They also act as an extra camera depending on what system you choose to go for.

3. Alarm system installation

Prokop can also install alarm systems in your home to draw blaring attention to any unwanted guests. Often, the noise alone is enough to deter an intruder from proceeding by drawing immediate attention to them!

What can YOU do?

Beyond electrical solutions, we also encourage you to take simple but effective steps to deter would-be intruders:

  • Keep bushes and shrubbery trimmed to remove hiding spots
  • Consider sensor lighting outdoors to startle intruders
  • Use indoor lights on timers if you’re out for the evening
  • When on holidays, ask a trusted friend to take your bins in and out and collect your mail

Considering a CCTV solution for your home?

Contact Prokop today!

Prokop are reliable, hard-working electricians who can carry out any safety system installations in your home or commercial building.

Prokop can also undertake any other electrical maintenance in your building, from downlight installation to electrical wiring, and everything in between!

We invite you to get in touch with us today for all your domestic electrical needs.

Better yet, save our number in your phone – you never know when you’ll need it! Call ProKop Electrical on 0437 766 770 to discuss home security in Cheltenham, or fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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